The services we offer to our valued subscribers;

1. Daily Subscription: We do all the work for you. We collect the Oklahoma County Jail blotter every day and then forward it to your email in-box each morning - Monday through Friday, rain or shine.

This service is ideal for anyone who has a need to contact individuals who have been recently arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. This highly targeted marketing is invaluable to attorneys, DUI schools, DUI related services, social services, counselors, media outlets, collection agencies, law enforcement agencies, private investigators, etc.

2. Lease Alert®: Do you own or manage rental property? Regardless if you have 1 tenant or 1,000 you know the importance of a responsible tenant and the expense of a bad one. Sure you did a background check when they applied for a lease, but what have they been up to since then? Many landlords are adding a "no criminal offense" clause to their lease. Our Lease Alert® service is an invaluable tool that alerts you within 24-hours if one of your tenants is arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. Is one of your tenants a drug dealer, thief, peeping tom, or worse? With Lease Alert® you can identify a potential problem tenant and be alerted to a rental unit that may be a target for a break-in as a result of the tenant's incarceration. Additionally, your other tenants can be reassured you take their safety seriously when they know you are up-to-date on what's going on with the people living in your community.

3. Name Monitoring: Our name monitoring service does just that, we monitor one or more names and notify you within 24-hours if the individual is arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County jail. This service is perfect for parents, spouses and employers.

Has your college age child gotten themselves into trouble? Was your spouse arrested in a prostitution sting? Has your ex wife/husband been arrested for a crime that could endanger a child you share custody with? Are you an employer that has a need to know if your employees are arrested for drug, alcohol, theft or sexual assault charges? -- If you answered "yes" then is your solution.